Why have a Maintenance Agreement for Your Website? – by Xiteb

This is a very common question directed by almost all the clients of web solution companies.

Let us brief this out step by step.

A web development company is an organization that undertakes projects to develop and produce web & software solutions. The web development process includes web designing, web content developing, client-side/server-side scripting, network security configuring etc.

Once the solution is provided, the solutions provider has a responsibility to maintain the website, in order to make sure the website is up & running, which assures the website is free of issues.



The real question is why is maintenance so important?

A well-maintained website,

  • Assures that the website receives proper attention at any time a bug/error comes up
  • Updates regularly
  • Attracts new customers
  • Magnifies the level of interest in the existing customers
  • Gives a higher search-engine ranking
  • Reflects the organization’s corporate identity

and provides many other advantages that provides a recognition to the organization.

Thus it is important to have a well-maintained website. A neglected website will have broken links, dead pages, unresponsive pages, low-resolution images and will also be slow when loading, which would massively contribute in diminishing the number of their existing customers.

Therefore let’s not diminish the number the of customers who visit your website. Let’s have a well-maintained website!



Once an agreement is signed, a legal attachment is established between the client and the maintenance company. An agreement is beneficial for the maintainer, because it provides them the security that they are working for a professional business that has clearly defined its commitments and agreement on all terms of employment.

Hence in addition to the points highlighted above, the client will receive the below benefits.

  • Provided with skilled workers to work on their website.
  • Responsibility of the code is solely taken by the web solutions provider.
  • According to the maintenance agreement, the web solutions provider takes frequent QA tests to maintain the well-being of the website.

And many other benefits are offered by Xiteb, as a web solutions provider, which you would be aware of once the agreement is presented.

Why NOT pick a different company for maintenance?

No matter who has developed the website, Xiteb has a skilled technical team to take up your website maintenance. This is not stated merely for our benefit, but for the benefit of the client as well. Therefore it is always better to have us on top of your list, if you are in need of website maintenance.


As a multi-national web & software solutions providing company, our genuine objective is to minimize the number of dysfunctional websites as much as possible. Therefore, do help us in achieving this goal.

If you own a website, and are not bound to a maintenance agreement, Do not hesitate to contact us. hello@xiteb.com

Custom Web Development Vs Template Web Development

Why we recommend our clients to go for a Custom website development instead of template web development

Website is the face of your business

You have to maintain a good face to attract more customers to your website. Most consumers are looking online for information that will help them make smarter purchasing decisions. What will be happen if you are not there when your customers are searching for you online or else if you are there but customers are not attracting to you. A website determines the success of brand and services therefore, if you damage for this image developing process that means you are damaging to whole business activities. When your business is growing up you have to maintain a outstanding personality among others, if you can develop your website with custom website development instead of going with template web development then you can maintain this outstanding personality.


Benefits of using Custom web development services

A custom web design provides a unique identity to a business compared to shared templates and also allows the business freedom to create additional features that can best serve their clients. Here are the benefits of using custom web development services for a business.

Unique design

With a custom website, structure of your website is built on your specifications and does not carry any limitations or restrictions on how the site will look. Customers see number of websites every day, among these number of websites having a memorable website is a great achievement to attract more sales to your business.


Businesses can deeply integrate their brand concept into a custom web design including having their own colors, graphics and layout. A custom web design more easily reflects the total image of a brand and the brands culture. If you can maintain a website which is different and outstanding among others then it will be your success point. People in today’s world are more towards on online media platforms rather than printed media. Therefore, if you can develop a creative website then it will be your best promotional method.

Customer-centric design and approach

When designing and developing the website it should cover the goal of the business as well as customers requirements. If you develop a template website then you have to tie up with some restrictions, because you can do changes only some extent. But if you preferred a custom web design then the structure of the website may vary according to the customers’ preferences. With custom web development servicers, developers can go beyond the performance and utilize industry standards that gradually assists in boosting the website’s ranking on search engines.

Control – Flexible and user friendly

Custom web design is very user friendly and also it is very flexible to do any changes if required.

But if you are selecting a template website then

Search engine friendly


Charge to develop a website

How much do you charge to develop a website? – by Xiteb

It is a common question clients asked when it comes to developing websites, mobile apps & many other IT related solutions, which is very difficult to answer. That is How much do you charge to develop a website?For instance; if you ask from an architect, how much will it cost to build a house what would be their answer? They will ask, many questions to provide you with an answer which is no different to a website or any other IT solution.

Without knowing the exact number of pages you need for the website (number of stores/ rooms you need for the house), the features & functions of the website (how the doors/ windows will appear), what platform to be used for the development? (materials to be used to build the house) how can a web solutions provider quote you a price? If someone is asking how much do you charge to develop a website, how can you come up with an answer, without knowing these things.

Charge to develop a website
Charge to develop a website

Team allocation & the Quality of the project

Hence, with the budget client provides, we will be able to determine what level of expertise should be allocated to develop the web solution. If the budget is of premium level, we would allocate the best team with the most experience. And for a lesser budget we would be able to allocate the team with the medium level of expertise. We doesn’t necessarily indicate that there is a difference of the quality of work. All the projects completed will go through the same process for Quality Assurance (QA) tests carried out. Therefore the final result will be of the same standard, which the client doesn’t need to worry about.

To make it much easier as the web solutions provider, we ask one simple question “what is your budget for the project?” As long as you can answer this question, web solutions provider can give you a more precise answer with what can be done under your budget.

This is very supportive for the solutions provider to think of which platform to be used for the development. For instance;

cost/charge to develop a website

  1. 100% custom development (Bespoke) – Premium Pricing
  2. 100% template development (less/no customization once the design is selected)- Most economic pricing
  3. Semi- custom (semi-template)- Medium Pricing (Note: a bit complex)



Charge to develop a website
Template web design



charge to develop a website
Custom web design

Also platform/languages to develop a website would be;

  1. Basic HTML website
  2. Word Press
  3. Joomla
  4. PHP
  5. Magento etc.

Note: HTML will be used in almost all platforms.

Exposing your budget will lead the solutions provider to suggest you the best solution by saving both your money & time unnecessarily. If you have only a budget of USD 500/- solutions provider will not suggest a Custom (bespoke) design with number of features with room for future expansions. This leads both the parties to a win-win situation.


Problems we face when asking for Client’s budget

Most of the people will provide a budget idea to the architect before commencing to build their house, but not willing to do so when it comes to a website.

This could happen due to two reasons;

  • Where the client have no idea on spending for the website or,
  • When client provides his affordable budget, they assume the service provider will quote for the whole budget even if the requirement is too small.

It is doubtful that clients have no budget in their mind to develop a website, however it is good to do some research before meeting a web solutions provider to have a rough idea about how much it will cost for you to develop the desired web solution.

It is better to consider  much about the quality than charge to develop a website..


How to decide your budget?

If you are the only dressmaker of a particular area, you already have the total customer base of the town. Even a template can be used for this type of business to make the whole process cost effective. There will be no need to develop a high-tech website for you unless you plan on selling readymade clothes online.

If the market you operate is highly competitive, then you should have a website to generate more leads, backend to maintain all the leads & it should have many functions & features which should be capable enough to expand in the future. In such situations we encourage to go either with a fully or semi-custom design. However if you pick a larger company to develop your website, it will be costly as they have lots of employees & overheads to cover.


charge to develop a website
How much does a website cost?


But we are a small-scale company, where you can get your main revenue generating source- website- developed even within a budget of USD 2,000- USD 3,000 if it is a custom design. As long as you can provide your possible investment together with the requirement, we can match your requirement with the budget. We can start from a basic informative site (Home, About us, Products/Services, Photo gallery, Contact us) starting from USD 298 + Shopping carts & logins + payment gateway/s + SMS gateway, etc.

To conclude, your budget helps us to recommend you 1 out of the 3 methods used to develop websites (Custom, Template, Semi-custom) or mobile apps (Native, Hybrid or Cross Platform) according to the scope of the requirement.

Please keep in touch with us on +94 72 799 7711 for any inquiry on web developments or hello@xiteb.com.


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