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Which will be the First to Launch?

August begins with the news of Google’s plans on releasing their Nexus devices for the year of 2016 shortly. The launcher, Android Nougat, with number of handy features will also be introduced with these new Nexus devices. Yet, no one knows which will be the first to come.


When looking into the new features of the launcher, the major is that there is no launcher icon by giving more space for the bottom line apps. This let the user to have five apps for the bottom line rather than the usual four apps. This could be considered as an effective use of space. It is notable that there are no more taps to find your list of apps and you get access for it just with an upward swipe. This seems easier for your thumb. The upward swipe is indicates through the small upward arrow in white. The other quick launch icons appear in ivory colored circles.



User Friendliness

Instead of using a search bar which you can recognize at a glance they have given a nub on the top left corner with a ‘G’ icon where you can open up the option to search. Home screen will basically contain only with the permanent nub and the calendar widget (located on the opposite of the nub).


With a swipe to the right you get access to Google Now even though there is nothing can be done through it. Based on Android Police the aforesaid launcher was not working on the devices using the upcoming launcher, Android Nougat. Thereby some of the features were not functioning as expected. Thus we can presume a firm incorporation with Google Assistant.


Google phone will be a great and a direct threat to iPhone7.

Xiteb: One of the BEST Mobile Apps Development companies Sri Lanka
iPhone 7

by Xiteb®: One of the BEST Mobile Apps Development companies Sri Lanka


uber vs Didi Chuxing

End of another Battle in Mobility Market

According to Bloomberg, processes of Uber’s cab services are about to alliance with Didi Chuxing which is another rival.


Didi Chuxing would spend $ 1 billion for the merge with Uber, which is worth $ 68 billion. Ultimate value of the merged unit will be $ 35 billion. Further it has been reported the ride-hailing has been permitted in China, by law end of July 2016. Ride-hailing is becoming popular in many countries and but yet it’s emerging due to its inherent limitations. According to a recent research done in USA by Forbes, it is evident that awareness of Ride-hailing, popularity and usage of Ride-hailing apps are not up to the expected level.


The amount of $ 2 billion bore by Uber to take the lead in the industry could be recovered through the merge. On the other hand Didi Chuxing has reduced a competitor which they have fought, with the investments of Apple & by unifying with some other cab service providers. The Chinese customers got access to travel amongst India, Southeast Asia and the States with the app of Didi Chuxing. Thereby they may set the trends in the industry with the new venture and will be the leader in the mobility market.

Toyota Motors Is Partnering With Uber

Moreover, Toyota Motors recently announced  that its decision of strategic investing on Uber to be its ride sharing partner. This clearly shows the emerging nature of ride sharing and the popularity of Uber. Selecting Uber to be Toyota’s ‘ride sharing’ partner appears to be a precise choice and a timely decision by the company according many key stakeholders. Uber’s wide geographical network would not doubt take both companies to its desired destination while adding value to its clients.


With further news on Uber & Didi Chuxing, this could bring up to date.


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