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A Website is the face of a business. In a world where digitizing is highly trending, maintaining a website is the best way to promote any business. Organizations develop websites for different purposes. Most business websites are developed with the motive of promoting their products & services or providing information about their organization. Here we discuss the importance of maintaining a tourist website in Sri Lanka, and how beneficial it is at a time like this, where the tourist industry has reached rock bottom.

Due to the series of events that took place in Sri lanka in the recent past the tourist industry faced a major loss. It would have been an advantage for those travel & tourist organizations that had websites. Most of these website visitors are international visitors. Once they are aware of the country’s situation, they fall back. They will lose interest in the country & other things that kept them interested. But through the website, organizations could communicate with their customers, notify them, build their trust and detain them for a longer period of time.

Why maintain a website?

The major reason a travel organization should maintain a website is that most of the clients are international. And what is a better way to reach out to them all in an instance, than a good website? In a crisis situation, the best way to communicate to your customers is through the website. All customers may not be on social media, but websites are available for anyone and everyone.

An added advantage is that the website visitors/clients are able to communicate with the organization through inquiries or a chat app. In turn, the organization’s robust responsiveness & attempt to reach the customer will leave a good impression on the customers. Maintaining a website is more convenient for your customers. This is because they are not willing to drive a car to physically visit a travel agency. Browsing is what they prefer. Websites are found beneficial for an organization when it comes to increasing customers, promoting the business, and very importantly it is cost effectivity.

At the end of the day, all organizations and businesses want to reach new customers, promote their business and manipulate the customers to buy their products and services. The treasure that provides all these services are your website.


Especially when its a tourist agency, all customers won’t be able to physically visit the buildings and organizations, therefore we have to provide them with a digital solution. And your digital solution, is your website.

Delay no more. Develop your website!

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