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The most awaited moment has finally arrived

Google Play Family Library The most awaited moment has finally arrived for all the Android users. ‘Google Play Family Library’ has been launched. This could be the best way for you to share the entertainment among your family members or fiends. Now you can select as your family in Google. You can purchase the apps,…

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Prisma is a Tech FAD

Prisma Xiteb® web & mobile apps company Prisma will be a tech FAD and the life cycle will be very short due its limitations in terms of  features. Users will be fed up soon unless Prisma relaunches the same with dynamic features with a precise purpose which can differentiate the app from other competitive platforms….

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Or is it the latest friend of both? Read to learn more about the necessity and usability of Social Media in Marketing. As discussed in my previous article on ‘Future of the Software Industry with the emerging nature of Social Media Marketing’, it must be understood that Social Media is needed not only for the…

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