Internet of Things (IoT)

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By definition the Internet of things is the interconnection via the Internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.

IoT is the data transaction through regular objects, by connecting them to the internet.

The initial concept of IoT dates back to 1982. The concept was first tested through a Coke vending machine in Pennsylvania, in Carnegie Mellon University.

IoT adds a level of digital intelligence to regular devices and objects. It allows them to send and receive real-time data devoid of human involvement. Which combines the digital and physical worlds effectively. The primary use of IoT technology is data measuring and reporting.

Objects used for IoT could be regular chairs & tables or appliances like air conditioners & washing machines. Connecting such objects to the internet makes it possible to function them without human involvement.

Suppose an air conditioner in a room is connected to the internet. A specific temperature is set to cool the room. IoT can be used in a way where the air conditioner controls itself automatically once the set temperature exceeds. The regular process is where someone controls the temperature with the remote control. Connecting a sensor to the air conditioner and connecting it to the internet, helps in controlling the temperature automatically without human involvement.

Few benefits of IoT
Time-saving & efficiency

M2M Communication results in lesser inefficiencies and greater quality.


Machine to Machine interaction provides accurate and faster results.

Better Quality of Life

Technology improves the quality of life by increasing comfort, convenience, and better management.

Considering the weight of advantages over the disadvantages, it is predicted that Internet Of Things will be commonly seen in both households and companies. Efforts are taken to find ways to combat their disadvantages.

It is evident that it opens a wide possibility to enhance the quality of life in many aspects. The technology will be implemented properly. Which in turn would make the technology work the best for us.

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