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#1 Educational Institution in Sri Lanka

IDM a globally recognized private higher educational institute in Sri Lanka has a history that spans for about 40 years. The institute had the urge of extending their sphere digitally. Thus as requested the software solutions company Xiteb® developed a website. We met the client’s needs by providing an absolute responsive website that satisfied the client to the utmost degree. IDM website:

We would like to express how we at Xiteb® managed to redesign and develop the website which is presently in use, without letting the process of the development of the website affect the daily functionality of the institute in any way.


In order to start on the project, we had to make our research from the grassroots level. We were able to gather the most important details and client requirements with the aid of frequent calls and meetings. Once the basics were gathered our internal as well as external long-experienced content writers prepared the content to be uploaded on the website.

During this process, our experienced design team came up with designs to implement the website with. The client picked his preferred design. Next our developing team went ahead with website development. They began with the framework done through WordPress.

Once the website was developed, making it mobile responsive and running the QA tests was done too. Finally, by the end of the time period, an issue-free and modernized website was delivered to our client.


Xiteb® was able to come up with a modernized design for the new website, with features that would attract the targeted website visitors. Since the website belongs to an educational institute the number of pages and number of components in the navigations were comparatively more. The pages were categorized in ways that it helped the visitors to directly refer what he/she ought to know.

We used a multiple numbers of attractive hovering features across the website. Knowing that anyone would prefer to watch videos rather than having a long paragraph to read, we added videos wherever possible. We maintained the institute’s color codes, using high-resolution images as and when possible, and optimized them to make sure the website wouldn’t be slow in loading.

With all the synergy teamwork and the conscientious and diligent hard work Xiteb® delivered the website promptly to our valued client.

We take great pride in being able to make our client happier and trustworthier.


Our hardworking SEO team managed to get the IDM website to appear as the first search result on Google when terms like ‘idm education’ or ‘idm sri lanka’ or ‘education institute idm’ are searched.

Other keywords that would get the website on the first page of the Google search results are ‘education institute sri lanka’.


With the trend of everything being digital now, the IDM website attracts more visitors than they used to. Visitors look what they want and also surf across the site visiting all pages due to the attractive effects used. Thus the development story of the of the IDM website.

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