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Lassana Events, a subsidiary of Lassana Flora is one of Sri Lanka’s well known event management organizations. The beginning of it dates back to the late 1990s while the publication of its website dated back to 2017. The client was in need of developing a website in order to provide a digital face to its company. And without a doubt, they came to the right place.

We Xiteb, a multi national Web & Mobile app development company delivered a very satisfying website to our valued customer which is still up and running.

Here’s how Xiteb developed the Lassana Events website together with our efficient team.

Lassana events – Team work

The Business Analyst gathered the requirement through the frequent client visits and phone calls. The requirement gathering was not easy, as the website was a product display as well as an ecommerce website. The frequent meetups made the requirement gathering process faster.

The technical team started on their share of work, once our analyst finalized the requirement. Our outstanding designers, researched and came up with several unique & startling templates which matched the theme of the website. The client selected and approved the best template out of the lot.

The designing team didn’t stop with finding the templates. They came up with modern features and effects for the website which brought the client to the utmost satisfaction. While features and functions were being approved, our well experienced developers started working on the backend & coding.

We sent frequent updates to the client as and when necessary. This pleased him more and built more trust towards Xiteb. We also made alternate changes according to our client’s choice. This was no issue for Xiteb, as Xiteb is flexible towards our clients’ requests.

Development process

The site developed step by step. Adding color, images, features & effects. The high resolution & clear images used in the website, definitely brought a glorious look to the whole website.


Since the website is an ecommerce website, it is inclusive of a shop as well as a shopping cart page. The Shop page included all the categories of items, with several filtering options which would make visitors who are interested to directly search for what they want.


The site developed with the provided content and images. But what’s the purpose of a website if it doesn’t optimize to the top of the page when searched on Google. This where our creative SEO team took the project into their hands. It is always important to Search Engine Optimize your website, if not when visitors search for you, our website will not appear to them.

Search Engine Optimizing

Our SEO team worked hard on optimizing the website. They used unique keywords throughout the site’s meta tags and titles. Ultimately, we developed a successfully optimized site.

At the end of the designing, developing & content adding process the site was delivered and the client was impressed and so was Xiteb. Thus how Lassana Events developed their Digital face.

The calm and soothing website now attracts more website visitors then they imagined they would. Click and have a look at the Lassana Events e-commerce website, developed by Xiteb Pvt Ltd.

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